How to set up a massage cabin?

Setting up a massage cabin requires little furniture, so go to the essentials to preserve your budget!

Your main tool: the massage table

Who says massage says massage table , of course. This is your main work tool, the central object of your space.

Depending on your budget, the space you have or the type of massage you offer, this treatment table can be folding , fixed or electric .

A folding massage table is handy if your massage room is shared with another practitioner and needs to be tidied and stored regularly.

A fixed massage table is ideal if you are looking for a robust and spacious model, which can be adjusted in height from time to time.

An electric massage table is comfortable for both you and your client since you can adjust the height in a few seconds. You will no longer have to strain your back because you will always work at the right height and your client will certainly be delighted to be able to access it without difficulty.

That being said, your room may not be huge and it is therefore important to install a table that does not take up all the space. Indeed, to feel comfortable in all your movements, you should ideally have at least 1m of free space on each side of the table.

Don't hesitate to measure and imagine how your table would be best placed to optimize this space, while ensuring your comfort and that of your customer.

An ally to count on: a pedestal table or small storage unit at least

During your massage, you will need to keep certain accessories close at hand: towels, gloves, bottles of oil or even cushions.

To do this in a practical way and thus organize yourself as best as possible, there is nothing like a pedestal table or a shelf . You can store all your accessories there before, during and after the massage.

Essential accessories: oil, towels and cushions

If you start the massage by placing your client on their back, you can optimize their comfort by adding a neck cushion on your table, or perhaps a half-cylindrical cushion under the knees. The neck will not be hollow, the back will rest flat on the table and your client will be perfectly relaxed.

To maintain a pleasant body temperature, it is often essential to cover the parts of the body not being massaged during the massage. To do this, you can use towels, blankets, sheets, etc. The material and thickness of this linen depend on the season, the type of massage, but also on your taste in decoration.

Finally, massage oil is of course essential during the treatment. For greater convenience, consider pouring your oil into a small dish before the treatment, or using a bottle equipped with a pump to collect the desired quantity in the palm of your hand each time. Using a holster allowing you to carry the oil bottle on your waist can be practical if you regularly need to oil your client's body. Otherwise, remember to place your container within easy reach to avoid having to move around too much.

The little extra: the decoration

Without breaking the bank, you can let your imagination run wild: a scented candle to burn during the treatment, small statuettes of spiritual inspiration or even pretty natural stones will complete the decoration of your cabin.

A nice mat so that your customer does not need to put their feet on the ground, or even a step stool to make it easier to get down from the table.

A small coordinated clock can also be very practical to allow you to monitor the progress of your massage over the duration you wish to spend on it.