The benefits of yoga

Tuesday March 8, 2022, by Mélio ARJONA.


Tree pose

Yoga is an ancient art of living dating back around 200 years BCE. It is the practice of a set of breathing exercises and postures aimed at providing physical and mental well-being.

There are several forms of yoga, each focused on a specific aspect of the practice.

For example, Vinyasa is a rather dynamic yoga during which the sequence of postures is done to the rhythm of breathing, with the aim of strengthening your body while improving your flexibility, but also your cardiovascular system.
Iyengar is a more static yoga, focused on body alignment. Finally, Hatha yoga is a much gentler yoga, more accessible to older people for example.


Yoga has many benefits that can improve the physical condition of your body. Among the notable improvements, we often find the softening of muscles, gentle muscle strengthening, or even improvement in breathing. The different types of yoga mentioned in the introduction will meet these needs.

We also know that regular yoga practice can correct imbalances or posture errors developed throughout your life.


An important benefit of yoga is the alleviation of certain chronic illnesses, for example. A regular and adapted practice will relieve you of your insomnia, your anxiety or even your migraines for example.

More serious pathologies such as epilepsy or depression can also be alleviated thanks to yoga. For depression for example, although there is no “typical depression”, we know that yoga can help regain energy, self-confidence and a certain serenity which will of course be useful. to the person concerned.

Yoga therefore has a number of benefits for someone who is not necessarily in good health. Whether purely physical or psychological, yoga will alleviate your ailments while providing you with the dose of calm and well-being that you need at that moment.