Sports massage

Thursday February 3, 2022, by Mélio ARJONA.


Pre-practice sports massage

Sports massage therapy is an approach to massage using several techniques aimed at preparing the athlete (in the case of a massage before exercise) or recovering (in the case of a massage after exercise).

Before exercise, the objective is therefore to mainly prepare the body, muscles and joints for physical effort. This helps prevent injuries and delay fatigue during exercise by reducing muscle tension.

After exercise, the aim is to facilitate cooling of the body and recovery by improving intramuscular blood circulation. Massage helps reduce muscle inflammation, while relieving pain and promoting healing of muscle tissue. This process will allow the athlete to accelerate the return to exercise following intensive training, or even an injury.


As said previously, the objective of sports massage is to activate blood circulation to prepare the body, and more specifically the muscles, for exercise. Although often overlooked, it can be as important as warming up before physical practice.

As the massaged muscles are softer and more relaxed when the exercise begins, the risk of injury is reduced. Muscle fatigue will also be delayed and performance during practice will be improved. A reduction in the risk of strains, tendonitis and sprains is logically observed.

Endurance during exercise will also be better since the elimination of toxins, thanks to massage, will improve the athlete's breathing.


More often known as being beneficial for recovery, sports massage therapy can prevent potential aches and pains in the days following sports practice. Thus, the athlete will not feel any embarrassment or discomfort during the post-practice period.

Once the tensions are relieved, physical recovery can be faster and will be of better quality, allowing the athlete to return to exercise more quickly and in better conditions.

After an injury, it is also recommended to use this type of treatment in order to reduce edema and thus limit the impact of the injury over time. The pain will be shorter, more bearable and the effect of muscle stiffness will also be slowed down. All this will allow for faster recovery.

Finally, a lesser known benefit of sports massage is its effect on the stress accumulated in the run-up to a sporting competition, for example. The effects of this stress can last a few days after the event in question, post-practice sports massage therapy can help to evacuate them.


The Pulse massage gun is an effective and versatile tool that athletes often use to keep their bodies in shape.

Sports massage therapy takes on its full meaning since this device allows the massaged athlete - independently or not - to prepare for exercise or to recover after a sports session. Its different tips allow you to massage all parts of the body, making it perfectly versatile, whatever your physical activity.

Intended for professional or personal use, the Pulse massage gun is above all a device associated with well-being.

Sports massage therapy, too often forgotten in our eyes, can be the solution to many problems experienced by both seasoned athletes and beginners. Sports massage is in fact very effective in preventing all injuries but also in reconditioning the body more quickly to exercise regularly.