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Is your registration on La Petite Place des Créateurs in progress? Congratulations !

Discover below different resources that will be useful to you during the different stages of your registration.

These will obviously remain available for consultation if necessary once your registration is finalized.

frequently asked Questions

Why register?

La Petite Place des creators is a boutique hosted by

The site has existed since 2005, it has SEO optimized by Google and a serious and solid reputation.

The advantages for you in opting for La Petite Place des Créateurs are numerous:

- not having to create an online store, with several months of work to be expected to optimize its referencing in search results,

- avoid the costs associated with creating an online store (purchase of a domain name, payment to access the use of an e-commerce platform, etc.),

- avoid the numerous costs associated with selling your products on marketplaces that charge commissions for each sale,

- prevent your store from being buried among hundreds of other similar ones on specialized marketplaces. On La Petite Place des Créateurs, each boutique is regularly highlighted in order to distinguish itself from the others and duplicates are avoided as much as possible,

- benefit from regular visibility on the social networks of our partner @maleamassageshop,

- benefit from regular visibility on our Instagram account @lapetiteplacedescreateurs,

- benefit from personalized support at all stages of putting your products on sale.

Who collects the payments?

La Petite Place des creators is a sales intermediary.

Its role is only to facilitate your customers' access to your creations, by highlighting them on its store for example.

At no time will La Petite Place des Créateurs be responsible for collecting the proceeds of a sale in your name.

All profits from your sales are managed by you, thanks to payments received directly by bank transfer or via Paypal.

You can also suggest another payment method according to your preferences, we will integrate it into your product sheets if possible.

Who is Malea Massage?

Malea Massage is an online store founded in 2005.

Intended exclusively for professionals, its products are selected for their quality and reliability.

The Malea Massage range mainly consists of treatment tables, furniture and devices intended for aesthetic, medical, well-being and massage professionals.

Want to know more about Malea Massage?

To find out more about Malea Massage, you can first visit its store

You can also check out his Facebook and Instagram accounts @maleamassageshop

You can also check out their Trustpilot page

Malea Massage Partnership

Are you registered on La Petite Place des Créateurs and would like to validate an order on the Malea Massage store?

Do not hesitate to contact their sales department on 05 67 68 68 76 so that they can offer you an advantageous offer thanks to our partnership.

Partnership La Petite Place des Créateurs

Are you a Malea Massage customer and would like to register on La Petite Place des Créateurs?

Do not hesitate to write to us at , we will offer you an advantageous offer.

Do you represent another store and would like to set up a partnership? Do not hesitate to send us your proposal by email to

Useful links

Registration Form

You can access the registration form for La Petite Place des Créateurs here: Registration

Standard Subscription

You can access the Standard subscription registration form here: Standard Plan

Subscription Plus

You can access the Plus subscription registration form here: Plus Plan

Premium Subscription

You can access the Premium subscription registration form here: Premium Plan


Add a user to your Paypal account

Here's how to add a new user to your Paypal account.

Important points:

- the first and last name to note are as follows: Antonella Berdeil

- the email address is:

- the telephone number is: 06 24 89 85 28

- the identifier to be generated will be of type: LPPcreateurs12 (the numbers can be those of today's date for example)

- the authorization to be given is unique, it is “Access the APIs and the developer support site”. No other authorization is necessary.

Create a Paypal customer ID

Once your Paypal account is created and you have given us permission to access it to create your payment buttons, we will also need to create a customer ID.

This code very simply allows you to make the link between a payment button on a product page and the Paypal account of the creator of this product.

Here is the page to go to first:

Discover in video how to create this customer ID in a few clicks.

We will then simply need you to send us this code, previously copied, by pasting it into an email to send to us.

You do not yet have a Paypal account

If you don't yet have a Paypal account but would like to receive payment for your sales this way, we can create one for you.

The steps are simple:

- we create an email address of the type because an email address is essential for us to create a Paypal account,

- we create the Paypal account associated with this email address,

- we generate the purchase buttons which will be displayed on each of your product sheets and will allow your customers to pay via Paypal,

- our task is completed, we give you access to Paypal so that you can change the access password,

- our task is completed, we give you access to your new email address so that you can change the access password.