C'est décidé : je me mets au sport !

It's decided: I'm going to exercise!

Return to sporting activity gently

“It’s decided, this year I’m joining the gym / I’m taking up tennis again / I’m going jogging…”

The list is long, you've already covered it and yet you haven't finally returned to sport!

You want it to maintain yourself, strengthen your body, or simply let off steam and yet, you can't get back to it.

Have you set the bar too high? Were you already athletic or are you a beginner?

What is certain is that by demanding too much and too quickly from your body, you risk not going the distance and quickly becoming demotivated.

Our tip #1: become aware of your physical capabilities

Whatever your level of motivation, if your body is not used to working, we recommend that you start gradually before overdoing it.

If you push too hard, you risk injuring yourself, quickly getting sore, feeling bad and doubting yourself, which won't help you in any way.

There is no shame in not being able to run for more than 5 minutes without being out of breath, in not knowing how to do push-ups or not being able to do a series of squats.

Rome was not built in a day, you will need dozens (or even hundreds) to succeed in sculpting your body the way you want.

The key words are: patience, perseverance and consistency.

Be kind to yourself, give yourself time to achieve sufficient sporting abilities to set more ambitious goals. For this, perseverance will be your best ally: you will succeed!

Finally, it is by remaining constant and regular in the practice of your sporting activity that you will obtain the desired results.

Our tip #2: determine your goal

There are many reasons to return to sporting activity and it is important that you can determine your objective before anything else.

Do your daily 30 minutes of exercise

You've often heard that 30 minutes of physical activity a day is good for your health and you think it's time to give it a try this time!

If you have a sedentary professional activity, you may want to do more exercise to maintain your physical fitness, without “enduring” it because you are not used to it. Your goal is therefore simple: activate yourself, but gently.

Losing weight

Returning to sporting activity is an excellent way to help you lose weight since in addition to burning calories, you will get your metabolism used to working differently.

Don't forget, however, that adopting a suitable diet will also be important to achieve your goal, because sporting activity alone may not be enough if your diet remains unbalanced.

If you are not used to drinking a lot, we strongly recommend that you get into this habit in order to promote the elimination of all toxins.

Firm your body

This objective is one that we often find among women, especially after pregnancy, or to prepare your body for summer, for example.

To achieve it, gentle fitness exercises repeated daily and even yoga can be excellent ways.

Relieve your back pain

As you may know, back pain is frequently called “the evil of the century”. It is in fact more and more often associated with our sedentary lifestyle and the postures that we systematically adopt without even realizing it, putting a strain on our back.

Often, back pain is felt when the muscles are insufficient and your doctor may recommend that you build muscle in order to cover the painful areas, which will no longer be so thanks to this.

Specific exercises may be recommended to you by your doctor depending on the targeted areas, in order to obtain progressive results.

Reach a competitive physical level

You were already athletic but now you want to reach the next level. In this case, you will need to adapt your training to your initial physical capabilities in order to ensure lasting results.

Our tip #3: select exercises that match your abilities and availability

There are many online choices for getting back into sport, but they are not all suitable for your body!

If you know your weak points, do not directly try to work on them, otherwise you risk quickly becoming discouraged.

Instead, choose simple things to start with and build confidence in your abilities, then gradually increase the level.

Likewise, opt for outdoor exercises if you have the opportunity and your environment allows you to do it in a pleasant way.

If your schedule prevents you from finding the time to join a gym, or simply if you prefer to practice alone in the peace and quiet of your home, you can choose from the many sports videos and applications available online.

Our tip #4: vary the exercises

Are you already feeling tired? Be careful, it can make you lose all your motivation. After coming so far, it would be a shame!

So remember to vary the exercises, by selecting complementary activities that will allow you to settle into a rhythm while avoiding boredom.

Alternate outdoor activities with indoor activities: a brisk walking session per week, accompanied by two or three warm fitness sessions in your living room can work wonders if done regularly.

You will have understood, contrary to what one might think, it is not always intensity that takes precedence to achieve results, but regularity.

Gentle gymnastics sessions can bring very satisfactory results as long as they are regular, while an intensive jogging session will not be very useful if you only do it once a month, due to lack of desire.

Treat yourself and think about yourself, this is how you will achieve your goals.