What is the budget for equipping a massage cabin?

The budget, or the problem that often hurts and sometimes prevents you from carrying out all your projects! To master it, let's take a look at what you will need to plan to set up as a professional masseur.

Each of you has your own project and the costs incurred truly depend on this.

If you plan to only perform massage at home, the investment required will be much less than if you create your massage parlor. Likewise, if you use a shared space, you may not be able to use the same equipment as in your own space.

Massage at home

For this activity, the choice is simple: you need a transportable massage table.

Depending on the type of massage you are going to offer, the type of table will differ.

For sports massage, physiotherapy or osteopathy treatments, a compact aluminum folding massage table will be ideal. Robust and light, it can be acquired in a budget of approximately €400 to €500 excluding tax.

For a well-being massage, a table with a width of 70cm would be ideal. Since it is only a massage, you will not need to have a lifting backrest and will therefore be able to purchase this table in a budget of approximately €300 to €450 excluding VAT.

Finally, for aesthetic treatments, a lifting backrest is often essential. This generally adding additional weight to your table, you can choose it in a width of 60 to 70cm, but equipped with side armrests in order to increase its width for example. You can acquire this type of table in a budget of €250 to €400 excluding tax on average.

Salon massage: in a shared space

More and more professionals are choosing a shared space to practice their activity peacefully, thus dividing their costs. In this case, you can opt for different types of tables.

A fixed massage table is often a good compromise. It can be chosen according to the needs of all professionals working with it, within a budget of approximately €700 to €900 excluding tax.

In case you need to fold your table after each treatment to store it until your next session, a foldable massage table will be very practical. As this is a table that you will only move very little, you can focus on a comfortable width without worrying about its weight. In this case, the budget to be expected will be approximately €400 to €500 excluding tax.

Salon massage: in your institute

If you are the sole owner of the premises, you are free to choose the type of massage table that suits you.

As a beginner, the budget is often tight, you can without worry choose a robust and quality fixed massage table , in a budget of approximately €800 to €900 excluding VAT. At this price, you will certainly find a model with beautiful finishes and generous dimensions, ensuring optimal comfort for your clients during sessions.