How much does a transportable massage table cost?

The time to start your aesthetic or well-being activity at home will soon arrive, what good news! So you are now embarking on the search for your main work tool: the massage table .

As the online offering has greatly developed in recent years, it is so vast that it is easy to get lost. Here are some tips to help you see things a little more clearly and make an informed choice.

Folding table for less than €100: real or fake good deal?

False, unfortunately! In this budget, you will mainly find folding massage tables offered by non-specialized sellers, such as marketplaces or well-known furniture sellers.

These tables have an advantage, which is that they can allow you to start your business at home at low cost. The other side of the coin: this low cost is explained by their low quality. This is therefore equipment that you will use in good conditions for a few months, depending on your frequency of use.

Your clients will most likely be satisfied with it, but if you want to offer them a great experience from the start, put all the chances on your side by opting for a better quality folding massage table .

Folding treatment table from €150 to €400, the right price?

Yes ! The range is wide and this is voluntary: not everyone has the same level of requirements, a table can fully satisfy one customer but not another.

By trying to generalize expectations, we can start from the principle that above 150€, the equipment is normally of a quality suitable for professional use. In other words: it will meet your expectations as an aesthetic or home well-being professional.

The final choice then depends on your budget: a folding massage table offered at €150 excluding VAT will probably not be as well equipped or as comfortable as a massage table offered at €400 excluding VAT.

Overall, to ensure you make the right choice, the important thing is first of all to contact a seller who specializes in this type of equipment. This seller will be able to advise you according to your expectations and your budget, something a general marketplace will not be able to offer you.