How thick is a massage table?

Thickness and comfort are often associated, rightly or wrongly?

Wrongly! Indeed, the shortcut is often: “thick means soft”. If that's what you think too, we'll tell you more below.

Choose density and quality before thickness

You think you have found the massage table of your dreams, its foam looks soft thanks to its beautiful thickness of 15cm but... do you know what this foam is made of? Do you know its density, its resistance? Your comfort depends on these parameters and they are sometimes very different from what you might imagine.

If you have had the opportunity to browse online to compare models, you have certainly noticed that there is a real range of tables whose foam thickness does not exceed 6 cm. These are most often foldable massage tables , but this can also be the case for fixed treatment tables or electric examination tables for example.

So why are these tables designed like this if “comfort” should rhyme with “thickness”? Quite simply because their foam is of such quality that it rivals in comfort any mattress two to three times thicker.

When designing a massage table , it is essential to carefully select the materials used. To ensure that you offer a comfortable mattress that lasts over time and whose foam does not sag over time, choosing a density of 25 to 35 kgs/m3 is often ideal.

This ideal density, a happy medium between softness and firmness, is perfect for well-being treatments such as massage or aesthetics. Firm without being hard, it does not deform and resists thousands of hours of care while always regaining its original softness.

On the other hand, if your search concerns a table intended for physiotherapy or osteopathy , choosing a higher foam density will be preferable. Indeed, in order to ensure the effectiveness of your treatments, it is essential to work on a very firm surface. The density of foam suitable for your activity is in this case rather 45 to 60 kgs/m3.

Does this mean that a thick mattress is not comfortable?

No, of course. This means that the comfort of a mattress has no link with its thickness, but with the quality of its foam. You will therefore be able to find a very comfortable table with a mattress with a thickness of 4 cm, as well as a very comfortable table with a mattress with a thickness of 15 cm.

When purchasing, do not hesitate to inquire with the seller to ensure you make the right choice. This material will last you for years, it is worth choosing carefully!