What size for a massage table?

This is a question that could open a debate: what is the right width for a massage table?

Since there is not only one possible answer to this question, here is a brief review of the pros and cons.

Massage table with a width of 60cm, too small?

It depends on who! This width is not important in fact, but it is perfect for medical professions such as physiotherapy, osteopathy or even physiotherapy .

In these professions, the therapist often needs to apply strong pressure during treatment while placing themselves very close to their patient's body. This is why a narrow table allows him to position himself correctly and thus ensure that he can practice his manipulations with the necessary power.

Massage table with a width of 70cm, standard?

From our point of view, yes.

A width of 70cm is very good for a transportable massage table for use at home. Compact while providing a comfortable work surface, it is also versatile. You can therefore use it for both aesthetic treatments and well-being massages.

In a salon or institute, the 70cm width goes everywhere and is therefore ideal for small spaces, or in addition to a wider massage table in the case of a duo massage for example.

Massage table with a width of 80cm, ideal?

Yes, but... it depends on your size!

No doubt, on a massage table with a width of 80cm , your clients will feel perfectly at ease. There is no risk of their arms sticking out of the table and they have a safe surface if they have to turn around during the treatment, for example.

However, if you, as a practitioner, are short, this beautiful width can become disabling. In fact, you will have to make more effort to reach the opposite side of the table during treatments, risking losing efficiency and putting strain on your back.

Massage table with a width of 90cm or 100cm, excessive?

Yes and no ! This width is ideal if you stand on the table during the treatment, such as during the Thai massage for example. In this case, you have a generous work surface allowing you to comfortably seat your client while having the space necessary to carry out your maneuvers.

Tables of this width are therefore perfect for offering specific treatments requiring a lot of space.

Finally, if the massage table is intended to be used by several people of different sizes for activities such as aesthetics or wellness treatments, a "classic" width of 70 to 80cm will adapt to everyone.

In conclusion, to know the ideal width of your massage table , take into consideration: the type of treatments you are going to offer, the profile of your clientele (if you already know it), as well as your size.