Choisir votre table de massage en fonction de votre budget

Choose your massage table according to your budget

You are a recent graduate and you are wondering about the choice of equipment essential to your daily life as a practitioner: the treatment table.

The offer is so vast that it is easy to get lost and difficult to make your choice, especially between a folding massage table, a fixed table or an electric table.

What budget should you allocate to it?

There is no secret, when it comes to thinking about a purchase, the first question is often the budget. Depending on which you wish to devote to this acquisition, you can therefore choose between different categories of tables.

Folding massage tables

Compact and often transportable, they are ideal for starting your profession. Whether working from home or in an office, a quality folding table immediately reinforces the professional image that you want to convey to your clients.

The budget to plan for a quality low-budget folding table is around €250 excluding tax. Depending on the characteristics, finishes, or even the accessories that you wish to add, this budget may vary, reaching an average of €600 excluding tax if you opt for a more high-end folding massage table .

However, “folding massage table” does not necessarily rhyme with “low budget” as many professionals choose a folding table for its practicality. When a practice is shared, or your treatment room is in a space that accommodates your privacy at other times, a massage table can be cumbersome.

The folding table being, in this case, not intended to be transported but only to be folded occasionally, it can be chosen in larger dimensions, without worrying about its weight.

Quickly folded and stored, the folding table can be as discreet as it is essential.

Fixed massage tables

Often made of wood, fixed massage tables can also be offered with a metal structure, often more suited to a medical environment for example.

Intended to be installed in a practice and no longer moved, the fixed massage table often offers more generous dimensions than folding massage tables. Available in dimensions of up to 100 cm wide, or 200 cm long, they are ideal for allowing you to have a beautiful work space in which to receive your customers comfortably.

In terms of budget, the offer is so vast that it can be difficult to establish a fair average cost. An entry-level fixed treatment table , suitable for a beginner practitioner, can often be acquired in a budget of around €700 excluding tax.

Other models, with more generous dimensions or a more elaborate design, are offered in a budget exceeding €1,500 excluding tax.

Electric massage tables

Often considered the choice of excellence, electric massage tables are often acquired when replacing equipment, or when the budget devoted to opening a new center is significant.

These are in fact offered in a budget which can vary from 1500€ excluding tax to more than 3500€ excluding tax, depending on the models, their finishes, or their origin of manufacture.

Equipped with at least one motor allowing height adjustment, an electric treatment table is ideal in the daily life of a wellness practitioner, a beautician, or even in spas or hotels top of the line. Its easy adjustment makes handling easier and faster, reducing fatigue and back pain, allowing you to devote yourself fully to your practice without worrying about these inconveniences.

When your profession requires it, you can choose to opt for a table equipped with several motors , allowing for example the adjustment of the inclination of the backrest, or even that of the leg rest. You can install your client in a few moments in the desired position and can modify this position throughout the treatment in complete discretion, thus ensuring perfect comfort.

If you need an electric massage table that can be modulated, while preserving your budget, you can choose a table with a manually reclining backrest using a hydraulic cylinder for example.